Spare Bike - Ishigaki Koutarou

Yasu, known at the time as the second-year ace of Fushimi High Bicycle Club, has his attention called by the skills of the first year Ishigaki Koutarou and compliments him. This fact is mentioned by Ihara Tomoya, saying afterwards that he would not lose to him and neither to Tsuji Akihisa, who was selected to participate in the incoming Inter High as the assistant of the third year and ace climber Hazano. Yasu watches the first years training and notes how chummy they are, while waiting for an answer from the team's captain Fujita, who was on a phone call. After the call, he asks how was it and Fujita says that he talked with the teachers and it was pretty bad and that he was supposed to participate in the incoming Inter High.

The Incident

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A New Beginning

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40th Summer Inter High

Day 1

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After The Inter High

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After the High School

As a graduate, he meets with the third year Ishigaki and talks about the team situation. Ishigaki apologizes for not being the teams ace, as his former veteran was expecting, but Yasu only tells him to not let it get him down and to carry his ace to the best possible position with his strenght. Before leaving, he says that during the incoming Inter High he was going to practice in Yamanashi and, due to that, he could go and cheer for him. He also says that he was looking forward to see his new team.

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