Tsuji Akihisa is a former student at Kyoto Fushimi High School and was a member of the Kyoto Fushimi High Bicycle Club. He is a climber, and functions as a minor background character. Along with Ihara Tomoya, he had brief prevalence during a Spare Bike chapter on Kyoto Fushimi where his given name is revealed.


Tsuji has short, parted dark hair that reaches the back of his neck; he has a sharp and angular face with prominent cheekbones that make him look a little old for his age. His eyebrows are extremely thin to the point of almost being unrecognizable, while the pupils and irises of his eyes are usually drawn as dots, giving him a potent look. Arakita describes him as a "gloomy looking guy."


It's revealed in Ishigaki's Spare Bike that Tsuji was considered at one point to be one of the top climbers in Kyoto. Despite his ability, Tsuji is shown to be somewhat modest and soft-spoken, looking visibly flustered when Yasu Hirokazu compliments him on his climbing.

Tsuji is good friends with Ishigaki and Ihara, the relationship between the three of them dating back to their first year. In particular, he seems to have a deep loyalty to Ishigaki and follows the rest of the Kyoto Fushimi club in deferring to Midousuji's command as per Ishigaki's orders.

Known Personal Achievements

Race Placement Repesenting Team
Arashiyama Hill Climb3rdHigashiyama
Kurayama Mountain Race2ndHigashiyama


  • While on anime he was shown riding an Anchor bicycle race, on Spare Bike - Ishigaki Koutarou it was revealed in one of the covers that his bike is a BOMA one.
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