Sugimoto Sadatoki is a new first-year student at Sohoku High School who later joins the Sohoku High Bicycle Club. He is the younger brother of Sugimoto Terufumi. His cycling style is very similar to his brother's.


Sadatoki's appearance, unlike his cycling, is vastly different from his brother's. He has very short hair and thick eyebrows. He is also very tall, loud, and strong. His strength is exemplified during his introduction when he breaks the door to the clubroom and later picks up two bikes, one in each hand.


Sadatoki is an immensely sweet person and younger sibling. While most people on the team might not know what to think at first, due to Sadatoki's very overwhelming volume, size and strength, his kindness and respect for others is quickly evident.

He often mixes up phrases and when to use them, for instance, saying "Thank you for the food!" rather than "Excuse my intrusion!" when entering the club room for the first time. His exuberance can overwhelm his own common sense, but much like Onoda, he does his best to make up for any situation.

Skills and Techniques

While he lacks stamina, Sadatoki has a talent for copying and emulating other people's cycling styles, especially Terufumi. He seems to be unaware of this feat and only capable of copying someone if he likes them enough to get a hold of their style, but it reveals a talent for cycling that may well become a real force in the future. He became aware of the feat when Teshima told Imaizumi to drop back and order Sadatoki to copy Onoda's form. Sadatoki did exactly that, but his poor stamina took its toll on him. During training camp, he rides at a seemingly leisurely pace on his own compared to Kaburagi Issa.


Likes: Rice Balls

Favourite phrase: "Thanks for the food!", even when expressing gratitude to someone.

The Kanji for his first name means "To be punctual".

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