Sohoku High School (総北高校) is a public school located in Chiba Prefecture.

An aerial view of the school buildings

Onoda begins attending Sohoku High at the start of the series. His journey starts as he attempts to recreate the anime club, but instead finds himself drawn into the cycling club. Despite the fact that this turn of events was unplanned, Onoda excels as a cyclist, surprising the other club members as well as himself. The school is about 45 km away from Akihabara (Akiba), which Onoda rides to daily.

The school has two entrances: the main gate that most student use and the back gate, a 2 km slope with a 12% gradient, a Category 3 climb, a great challenge for any cyclist. Onoda often takes the rear entrance going to school, since he can sing out loud because there aren't many people who take that route, and also leaving, which he says is faster. (He states that he needs to go to Akiba quickly when Imaizumi questions his reason for taking the slope.)

For more information about the cycling club, please visit the Sohoku High Bicycle Club page. 


Current Clubs

Former Clubs

  • Sohoku High Anime Club (Closed due to lack of members)

Staff & Students

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Unknown Grade
Former Students


  • Two years before the main storyline events:
  • One year before the main storyline events:
    • Teshima Junta was in Class 1-4 or 1-5(During his flashback on S1 it was shown 1-4, but on S3 it was mentioned that he was in Class 1-5);
    • Aoyagi Hajime was in Class 1-4;
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