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Part of the following is not yet in the anime. If you're not reading the manga, be careful.

Shusaku Itokawa is a second-year student at Tsukushiba University and a member of the Tsukushiba University Bicycle Racing Club. He serves as a minor character shown in the Spare Bike series and know for been friends with Jinpachi Toudou since their middle school years.


Shusaku was a small boy with short, black, cropped hair that had a very sharp widow's peak; he had large blue eyes.


He seemed to be a kind boy who recognized strengths in others even if they themselves couldn't, although he was quick to jump to conclusions. He didn't like being teased about his crush on Minami, and got nervous when it seemed someone else was after her affection.


  • His family runs a bicycle shop called "Cycle Shop Itokawa."