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A part of me was still feeling prideful... but this race... is not being ridden on my power alone...
— Shunsuke Imaizumi

Shunsuke Imaizumi is a second-year student at Sohoku High School and a member of the Sohoku High Bicycle Club. He has been cycling competitively since middle school. Shunsuke is an all-rounder who uses his sharp, logical thinking to strategize in races, though he becomes quite hot-blooded when driven into a corner. His dream is to become the fastest cyclist in the world.


Shunsuke has short, thin, and spiky black hair as well as dark, narrow eyes; he has a sharp jawline and chin. He is rather tall and lean, often seen in his biking outfit, school uniform, or usagi brand t-shirts (which he collects). He is considered handsome by his many fangirls. In the manga, his appearance is initially much younger-looking with larger eyes and a rounder face. Over the chapters, he is drawn much more mature and sharply.


Shunsuke generally behaves quite seriously and is very reserved around classmates and girls. However, he gets worked up when angry or finds himself at a loss, and can become quite embarrassed if caught saying or doing something that is contrary to his cool and serious demeanor. At first, he is prideful, cold, competitive, and obsessed with winning races on his own in order to eventually beat Akira. He approaches cycling with logic and technical understanding. Once he meets Sakamichi, Shoukichi, and the rest of the Sohoku cyclists, his personality begins changing into one more accepting of the strength of a team's will. Although he tries to hide it, his loss of a race to Akira when he was younger still haunts him and makes him question his worth as a cyclist. During the Inter High, he faces the complex he developed after losing to Akira and learns to rely on and believe in his teammates, riding for himself as well as the team, and supports them to the finish line. He embraces his nature of riding aggressively rather than always mathematical and meticulously, as well as his roles of an assist and ace.

In the anime, per Sakamichi's influence, he develops a liking for Love Hime and frequently sings the anime's theme song.

Following Sohoku's win at the 41st Inter High, his fanbase continued to grow, though he is often uncomfortable and awkward while interacting with fans.

Shunsuke is very easy to dismiss rookies at first glance, most notably Sakamichi and Sadatoki Sugimoto, and finds it difficult to compliment people.

In his second year, he becomes Sohoku's ace and has a more positive influence in the team as a whole. He continues to support Sakamichi (especially in how he should act towards freshmen), provides guidance to other rookies, and shows persistence in his discussions with Shoukichi about becoming an all-rounder.

Skills and Techniques

Imaizuimi excels at both sprinting and climbing, making him a well-balanced all-rounder. His experience as a cyclist is further demonstrated through how he uses his bike to his advantage during races, along with his ability to devise tactics and use logic in order to achieve victory. In his first year, he is the assistant to Sohoku's ace, Kinjou.

Previously, he rode emotionally and often shoved competitors aside in order to achieve "peace, quiet, and clear air" as a leader and champion. He struggles when faced with hesitation to make decisions and having to slow down to match teammate's pace.

During the 1000km Training Camp in his first year, Shunsuke had to ride his bicycle without gear shifters, something that he had previously utilized frequently. As a result, he now feels like he can move his bicycle to his bidding. Near the end of the third day of 41st Inter High, his abilities were fully awakened, resulting in the defeat of his ultimate rival Akira.

After the Inter High, Shunsuke's damaged road bike was replaced with a new light blue Scott frame, which features lighter wheels and motorized gear shifters. This allows him to shift gears much faster with a simple light touch, and the battery in the system can last for 1500 km before it needs replacing.

He is also an able ace-assistant, having helped many riders win different races. Following Kinjou's departure, Shunsuke is finally able to become Sohoku's ace.

By the end of his second training camp, Shunsuke was shown to be impressed by Shoukichi's growth (though he hated to admit it), especially when Shoukichi beat him to the 1000km mark.

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Known Personal Achievements

Year Race Placement Repesenting Team
? Eastern Cycling Tournament 1st Ichiba Third
? 6th Southern Bousou Middle School Road Race Tournament 1st Ichiba Third
2 Years Pre-Series ? 1st Ichiba Third
1 Year Pre-Series 11th Chiba Cycling Road Race 2nd Ichiba Third
Year 1 41st Summer Inter High 6th Sohoku
Year 1 21st Annual Minegayama Hill Climb 4th Sohoku
Year 2 42nd Inter High Qualifiers - Chiba Prefecture 2nd Sohoku
Year 2 42nd Summer Inter High 4th Sohoku


  • Riding at the front of the pack
  • Quiet environments
  • Watching waves at the beach when no one else is around
  • Losing
  • Crowds
  • Cycling caps from all of the European teams
  • Hats
  • Usagi brand t-shirts
Best subject
  • Classical Japanese
  • The Imaizumi family is shown to be quite well off, living in a larger than average home with a two car garage, and employs Takahashi, who's either a butler or at least a driver. This is nothing compared to Yusuke Makishima's family however; Shunsuke believed his house could fit in the Makishima's living room.
  • He is often seen wearing earphones, but he is listening to movie soundtracks.
  • According to the movie, he is really good at ping-pong, it could also be due to him not wanting to lose to Shoukichi.
  • He has a sister 4 years younger who he doesn’t get along with (because all he does is bike). However, when they’re watching comedy variety shows, they laugh in the same places. [1]
  • When Shunsuke lifted up Sakamichi into the air at the end of Inter-high, he did it naturally and without reserve.
  • Shunsuke and Shoukichi often compete with each other even during normal practice, so that whoever wins gets to order the loser around. The orders that Imaizumi makes when he wins are pretty bland compared to Shoukichi’s. The kind of thing Shunsuke orders is telling Shoukichi to draw a mustache on his own face.
  • He listens to any kind of movie soundtrack, ranging from romance to action.
  • According to the 27.5 Official Fanbook, Shunsuke's family name Imaizumi was “Imabara” (今原) at first during the rough draft, but the editor who read it said, “So, this Imaizumi character here…” and the author thought that Imaizumi worked too, so that was his family name since. [2]