First Year Welcome Race (Year 1)

Mr. Pierre first shows up during the First-Year Welcome Race. Imaizumi and Naruko pass him on their ascent of Mount Minegayama, and end up getting off their bikes to help him after he falls twice. Though the two initially thought Mr. Pierre was just a random spectator, he quickly makes it clear that he is not. He gives Imaizumi and Naruko advice; he tells Imaizumi that he is making unnecessary movements and that he should focus on pedaling and advises Naruko to put more energy into his thighs. Mr. Pierre also informs them that Kinjou called him to say that there is one person on their tails.

Training Camp (Year 1)

He oversees the Training Camp, and also hosts the English make-up session afterward, but he let everyone go under the excuse of it being a sunny day better spent outside. Although Onoda believes he didn't pass the training camp, Mr. Pierre gives him a Sohoku cycling jersey as proof that he did in fact pass. Mr. Pierre believes the boy's unpredictability could surprise rival schools and scouts.

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