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Noriyuki Yamaguchi is a former student at Kyoto Fushimi High School and was a member of the Kyoto Fushimi High Bicycle Racing Club, serving as its vice-captain during the storyline's second year.


Noriyuki is recognizable by the freckles sprinkled across his cheeks. His hair is short and black, and he has thick eyebrows. His eyes are a dark indigo color.


Noriyuki is rather quiet, enduring, and friendly. He might look easily irritated, but it takes a lot to actually get him mad. He isn't the strongest, but he has a strong will.

Despite initially being a bit of a pushover, as a third year he gains the confidence to stand up against Akira Midousuzi and act as his conscious (despite he himself saying he failed at doing it), and is also quick to see through the deceptive plans of others, revealing himself as an insightful and headstrong character when he refuses to fall into their traps.

Despite disagreeing with Akira at times, Noriyuki sticks to his orders and is willing to go exhaust himself completely to follow through with them.

Skills and Techniques

Initially, as a second year sprinter, Noriyuki hadn't demonstrated any noteworthy cycling abilities. Koutarou Ishigaki, however, praised him for his endurance on the flats, despite his trouble on the climb.

As a third year, he is noted by Kazuho Funatsu to be excellent at pulling, exercising a solid sense of stability while doing so. This strength is also noted to be somewhat of a hidden ability, as Kazuho also states he's never seen it before. He compares Noriyuki's sudden development as a sprinter to a wild cherry blossom quietly coming into bloom during spring.


  • Being told to do the impossible.
  • Being at the front due to his introverted personality.
  • When in a bind, he chants the school song.
  • While on anime he was shown riding an Anchor bicycle race, in the Chapter 433 it was revealed that his bike is a Panasonic one.
  • His voice actor, Katsuhiro Tokuishi, also voices Satozaki.