Midousuji Akira

While Midousuji acts as a dictator of the team, he does trust Mizuta and rely on him to carry his fulfill his orders and gather information on other teams. Midousuji claims he shares a bond with Mizuta because they think alike, though this is likely only something said to gain Mizuta's trust. Midousuji is someone Mizuta admires a lot and so he's easily deceived and manipulated by him, happily believing Midousuji thinks he could be the next "ace" on the team.

Ishigaki Koutarou

Mizuta used to admire Ishigaki as an upperclassman and captain before Midousuji arrived, to the point of imitating his hairstyle and mannerisms.
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Second Year Events

Even after the team's atmosphere is changed once Midousuji arrives and the Inter High ends, Ishigaki trusts Mizuta with the team and names him the next captain.

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