Mizuta used to be incredibly friendly, like with the rest of the Kyoto Fushimi members. He imitated Ishigaki Koutarou's hairstyle because he admired him, and called the rest of his teammates by nickname, while he was called "Nobu". After Midousuji Akira joins the team and demonstrates his abilities by defeating their team captain Ishigaki, effectively taking over, Mizuta begins admiring him instead, following every order and acting as his assistant to win his favor.

Scouting for Data

At the tournament to decide who will represent Chiba at the Inter High, Mizuta is sent to scout out the teams and the results by Midousuji, who he reports back to via his cellphone. Because Sohoku only enters their three third-years in the race, Mizuta isn't aware of the three first-years also representing Sohoku.

41st Summer Inter High

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

After the Inter High

Spoiler alert

Second Year Events

Mizuta becomes the new captain of the Kyoto Fushimi team after Ishigaki graduates.

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