Summary: Someone ate Izumida's favorite food when he left it unguarded. Who could be the culprit? The great detective is on the case!

Detective, Shinkai Hayato. Assistant, Arakita Yasutomo. Part 3

SHINKAI HAYATO: “Detective, Shinkai Hayato. Assistant, Arakita Yasutomo. Part 3.”

SHINKAI HAYATO: Did you hear, Yasutomo? Izumida left his takoyaki in the clubroom yesterday and someone ate it.
SHINKAI HAYATO: Takoyaki is actually his favorite food, but normally he stops himself from eating it so that he can build his muscles.
SHINKAI HAYATO: He was really looking forward to eating that takoyaki since he hadn’t in so long… It’s such a sad story… Don’t you think so too, Yasutomo? …Yasutomo?
ARAKITA YASUTOMO: …AAAARGH, IT WAS ME, ALL RIGHT?! [stands up] ME! I’M THE CRIMINAL! Can you blame me?! I was super hungry and there was no one else in the clubroom and a tray of hot, steaming takoyaki right in front of my eyes! Anyone would eat it if they were in the same situation!
SHINKAI HAYATO: I see! Then let’s go right now and take Izumida out to eat takoyaki! Your treat. Okay?
ARAKITA YASUTOMO: Tch, fine. I just have to treat him, right?! Fine!!
SHINKAI HAYATO: Haha! I know a good place! They even have takoyaki that’s chocolate-banana flavored–
ARAKITA YASUTOMO: Definitely not eating that one. [starts leaving the clubroom]
SHINKAI HAYATO: [follows] Oh, I know! Why don’t we bring along Juichi, Jinpachi, and Manami too?
ARAKITA YASUTOMO: [Opening the door] Why do I have to pay for Toudou and the oddball’s share too?! And yours?!

[ARAKITA slams the door shut]

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