Minami greeted Itokawa Shuusaku and Toudou Jinpachi at the Hakone Road Hill Climb race being held at the Hakone turnpike in October. She explained how Hakone Academy was said to be the strongest in the nation, and that in a few years the Inter High may take place in Hakone. She also mentioned the red bib tag and the mountain prize, and encouraged the two boys to join Hakone Academy. Toudou, who had been dragged along by his friend and never thought much about racing, became interested in the prizes and fame Minami and Shuusaku explained, so he competed seriously and won first place in the race.

After the race, Toudou was distraught about how sweaty and unkempt he looked for the upcoming award ceremony, so he took Minami's headband, ripped the bow off, and wore the headband for the ceremony.

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