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After all, if you're the fastest at your own style, nothing's cooler than that.
— Makishima Yusuke

Makishima Yusuke is a former student at Sohoku High School and was a member of the Sohoku High Bicycle Club.


Makishima has long green hair with red highlights, although his natural hair color is brown. He has two moles on his face; one is under his left eye and the other is by his lower lip. He is also known to be lanky, Onoda once describing his limbs as being "abnormally" long. With narrow, down-turned eyebrows and hooded eyelids, Makishima has a permanent gloomy look to his eyes. His face is long and he has a narrow chin.

When he was younger, he had shorter hair. His earlier appearances in the manga (even up to volume 5, which has him with long hair on the cover) also show him with short hair, but his design was later changed.

When not wearing his cycling uniform, Makishima takes the opportunity to display his strange fashion sense, wearing clothing with a variety of colors and patterns. He seems to like wearing shirts that have different colored sleeves.


Makishima is seen as creepy due to his awkward facial expressions, quiet demeanor, strange hair color and irregular dancing style. Makishima has admitted to being bad at socializing, and he's well used to being regarded as gross, weird or creepy. Blunt and prone to cynicism, he often comes across as uncaring or harsh as a result. Contrary to perceptions, it is clearly shown that Makishima is kind-hearted and much softer than he looks, as he cares deeply for his friends, becoming embarrassed by genuine praise, and often gives Onoda useful advice about cycling. He shares the similar experience of wanting to be with others rather than alone, but ends up being judged as weak and out of place. Despite this, he uses his cynicism and frustration to push himself forward, and excitedly welcomes when his cynicism is shattered by the achievements of others. Makishima is one who does things his own way and proves his worth through being the best at what he does no matter how odd he seems doing it.

However, his fashion sense is noted by other characters to be incredibly bizarre, though most of them refuse to openly question it out of fear of insulting him. (Onoda being the only one who thinks it's "cool".) Makishima is shown to have a bit of a temper when annoyed, and is possessive of his things at his house; if they're touched by someone, he threatens to "execute" them. He's not opposed to using his creepy reputation to terrify others, as when Onoda and Naruko discover the secret hole he made in the club room, he threateningly tells them not to reveal it to anyone. The extent to which he went to hide his vandalism by cutting a hole in the wall is a testament to Makishima's emotional capacity.

He is shown to be level-headed during races and has an understanding of strategy, taking into account the weather, the steepness of a slope, the team's cadence, gear, fatigue, and the movements of their opponents in order to plan the best course of action needed to win. He gets fired up at races, particularly at the prospect of a climb, and battles wildly for victory until he's exhausted.

Makishima has a distinct verbal tic: ending sentences with "sho" (ショ), replacing the end of words with "sho", or mumbling and exclaiming the sound.

Skills and Techniques

Makishima began solo training as a first year with the club, but wasn't able to stick with it. He asked Kinjou Shingo for advice and learned about his practice journals that he used to record his daily progress. He also practiced and refined his climbing technique, and in his second year would end up on the Inter High team.

He is also known as the Peak Spider due to his long limbs and unusual accompanying dancing technique to utilize said limbs, which involves violent swaying from side to side. In other words, his dancing style tilts the frame of his bike exceptionally far which makes him fast at climbing. His pendulum dancing technique is far more pronounced than other cyclists.

While others have made fun of his style and his senpais tried to get him to change it, Makishima worked hard to hone this technique into a powerful weapon. He was also a notoriously slow flat rider, even being called a 'turtle' when he first joined.

Hinted at during the First Year race and shown during Inter High, Makishima is able to use the information of many factors, such as road conditions, gears used, cadence, fatigue of team members and temperature to calculate the most efficient pace to maintain in order to go as far as possible.

Known Personal Achievements

Canon Races

Year Race Placement Repesenting Team
2 Years Pre-Series 19th Annual Minegayama Hill Climb 1st Sohoku
2 Years Pre-Series Nagatoroyama Hill Climb 86th Sohoku
2 Years Pre-Series Last Autumn Race 132nd Sohoku
1 Year Pre-Series Okuchichibu Hill Climb 1st Sohoku
1 Year Pre-Series 20th Annual Minegayama Hill Climb 1st Sohoku
Year 1 41st Inter High Qualifiers - Chiba Prefecture 3rd Sohoku
Year 1 41st Summer Inter High 5th Sohoku

Non-Canon Races

Year Race Placement Repesenting Team
Year 1 Kumamoto Fire Country Mountain Range Race 1st Sohoku


  • Dealing the same number of playing cards to the same place
What he has confidence in
  • Fashion (the thoughts of those around him on this is unknown)
Best subject
  • English, but Onoda also ask him for help in Mathematics.