Makishima Ren is Makishima Yusuke's older brother. He works as a fashion designer in England and owns a shop named after himself.

Once the 41st Summer Inter High is over, upon his Ren's request, Makishima graduates early from high school and travels to England to work with his brother in fashion. Although according to Yowamushi Pedal: The Movie, Ren allows Makishima to return to Japan for the race in Kumamoto.


Though Ren's appearance is mostly unknown, he is shown to have short, maroon hair. He seems to have somewhat long facial features, similar to Yusuke.


Makishima Yusuke

Ren is Makishima's brother, older by four years. He seems amused upon learning of Makishima's abrupt trip to Japan for the 42nd Inter High.

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