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Kyoto Fushimi team kit

The Kyoto Fushimi Senior High Bicycle Club, also known as "Kyofushi", is situated in Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan, and represents Kyoto Fushimi Senior High School. They serve as one of the main rival teams for the Sohoku High Bicycle Club particularly because of their new member, Midousuji Akira.

Kyofushi is not a team that attacks on day 1 of major competitions because they tend to conserve energy that day, however, Midousuji would take over on day 2, often threatening to drop riders before checkpoints from day 2 onwards, and have little regard for teamwork by then.

Midousuji started the trend of shaving his hair to a flat buzzcut, a common hairstyle in men serving in military, in year 1, so he insisted everybody to do so before Day 3 of the 42 Inter High, which was his idea to improve aerodynamics.

Team Members

     Active     Captain     Vice Captain     Manager     Resigned     Rejoined


Club Known Achievements

Year Race Winner
1 Year Pre-Series ? Ishigaki Koutarou
1 Year Pre-Series 40th Inter High Qualifiers - Kyoto Prefecture Yasu Hirokazu

Year Race Progress Winner
Year 1 41st Summer Inter High 1st Day Goal Line Midousuji Akira
Year 1 41st Summer Inter High 2nd Day Sprinter Checkpoint Midousuji Akira
Year 1 41st Summer Inter High 2nd Day Climber Checkpoint Midousuji Akira
Year 2 42nd Summer Inter High 2nd Day Goal Line Midousuji Akira


Due to similar colour scheme to Kumamoto Daiichi, they are able to create confusion on Day 2 of the 42nd Inter High.