Kumamoto Daiichi team kit

The Kumamoto Daiichi Bicycle Club (shortened to Kumamoto Daiichi or "Kumadai") is situated in Kumamoto, Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan, that represents Kumamoto Daiichi High School. They appear briefly in the 41st Summer Inter High. They are one of the teams manipulated by Machimiya Eikichi on the third day, resulting in their team being exhausted and unable to compete for the goal.

They appear again as the hosts of the Kumamoto Fire Country Mountain Range Race featured in Yowamushi Pedal: The Movie. It's a race held annually where prominent Inter High teams compete in Kumamoto, on Aso Mountain. Sohoku is invited to the race, as well as Hakone Academy, who accepts the invitation for once.

Spare Bike 23 features the Kumamoto Daiichi team.

They appeared again after the sprint stage on day 2 of the 42nd Inter High when the team caught up to Onoda, Teshima and Imaizumi, who were 5 minute and 10 seconds away from the leaders, but had since fallen further behind. Ise took over as captain, and called himself Demoin Sergeant. Their zekken numbers were in the 80's. They later joined the attack against Kyofushi and Hakogaku before the start of the Mountain stage. The problem is that Ise mis-read the situation, and was dropped by Hakogaku and Kyofushi when they sent their Aces to attack along with the the climbers because the Mountain Checkpoint is close to the finish line. Sohoku also dropped Daiichi after realizing the latter have no true All-Rounders.

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Known Representatives

Year Captain Vice-Captain Manager Coach
41st Summer Inter HighTaura Yoshiaki???
42nd Summer Inter HighIse Shinya???