Komari in middle school.

Komari used to be rather shy and disliked, to the point of hiding his face behind a book when he stumbled across Midousuji for the first time during middle school. However, after he met Midousuji Akira, he became more confident and embraced his stranger side.

As a young child, Komari was quiet and preferred reading books to playing with other children. One day, Komari glanced up at the raised arm of a boisterous male classmate and became acutely aware of the boy's muscle structure, but it was also partly due to insecurities of his own body. After this incident, Komari found himself observing the muscles of people around him. Little by little his interest turned into an obsession, and to his confusion and fear, Komari realized this fascination was manifesting in a compulsion to grab people and touch their muscles.

Komari didn't fully understand his feelings, but had a deep ingrained sense that there was something "wrong" about him and his desires. Likening himself to a tatami box, Komari attempted to constrain his feelings and shut them away. Until one day, while he was still in middle school, Midousuji encouraged him to 'embrace his stranger side', and he finally blurts out his wishes on a rainy training session. Midousuji allowed him to touch his body and learn to become a masseur, but only if Komari becomes a cyclist, and catches up and passes him.

The New Kyoto Fushimi

Kishigami is originally introduced as a new member of Kyoto Fushimi who specializes in massaging. Initially, he was Midousuji's personal masseur, but again, Midousuji wanted him to get better at cycling so he can be the team masseur, and it is clear from Midousuji's attitude that there is more to Kishigami than meets the eye. This is confirmed when the two of them go to scout out the new Sohoku during their training camp. Kishigami meets Onoda Sakamichi there and is initially unimpressed by him, but is shocked upon feeling his muscles. Before he can touch Onoda again to confirm what he felt, Koga Kimitaka appears and chases him off.

42nd Summer Inter High

Day 1


Komari touches Imaizumi's leg.

It's revealed that Kishigami has never once practiced cycling with the rest of the club, acting purely as Kyoto Fushimi's masseuse. As such, it's an enormous shock to the rest of the team when Kishigami replaces Hironishi as Kyoto Fushimi's 6th Inter High competitor as per Midousuji's orders. During the warmup, he effortless passed the Ichiko Team riders before managed to grab Imaizumi's thighs. He realizes that while his muscles are well-developed, but they are tight and rough, suggesting he is unwell.

Day 2

Izumida and Kishigami race each other for the sprinter checkpoint in a sort of spiritual rematch of the race between Shinkai and Midousuji the previous year.

Day 3

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