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It's the world of racing! And the one who wins can get whatever they want!! Sit on a chair and look down at the loser with a medal in their hands! The loser will crawl on the bed like they're less than a garbage beetle, and they can't say anything!
— Kawada Takuya

Kawada Takuya is second-year student at Sohoku High School and a member of the Sohoku High Bicycle Club. As a first-year he participated of the First-Year Welcome Race and resigned from the club after his poor results there, joining the Sohoku High Tennis Club later. In the end of his second year, after having a fight with his seniors for dyeing his hair, he left the tennis club and rejoined the bicycle club along with Sakurai Gou.


Kawada has short, dark brown hair and solid black eyes. During his second year at Sohoku, his hair grew and he took the opportunity to dye it blond.


Kawada has a competitive personality, once he was aiming to become a club regular and trained hard, although he never did get the hang of riding on rollers.