Kanzaki Tooji is the former captain of the Sohoku High Bicycle Club. When he was on the team, he was a sprinter. He is four years older than his younger sister, Kanzaki Miki.


Tooji is tall with short brown hair and dark brown eyes drawn with small irises, giving him a confident and sharp look when coupled with his usual lazy smirk. He works at his family's shop and is most often seen in casual work clothing with a toothpick in his mouth.

He wears a dark brace over his left knee.


Tooji has a very calm, grounded, and laid-back personality, easily giving extremely wise advice to others in their time of need.

Skills and Techniques

He has a keen grasp on the knowledge of a bike and particularly what it takes to be a sprinter. He is seen fixing bikes in his shop.


  • Tooji wears a brace on his knee even during flashbacks to when he was a third-year in high school. This, along with his words about Tadokoro carrying on his will, implies he suffered a leg injury that plagues him long after graduation, and that Tooji was formerly a sprinter.