Kanzaki Cycle Shop is a bicycle shop owned and ran by the Kanzaki family. Kanzaki Tooji is shown regularly running the shop, while Kanzaki Miki works there part-time.

Good and Services

Kanzaki Cycle Shop offers maintenance service and repair for bikes, usually common city bikes, which appears to be their regular business, along with selling parts and accessories (like helmets). However, they also specialize in road racers, which are higher priced than the average bike, and are known to have complete road racers for sale, along with being able to offer parts and complete service.

The shop also offers reading material on road racing, such as a guide for beginners.

The business also runs a van that can be used to deliver bikes (presumably after servicing) to customers' homes.

Sohoku High Bicycle Club

Kanzaki Cycle Shop supports and helps outfit the Sohoku High Bicycle Club, of which Tooji was a former captain, and Miki the current team manager. They provided the silver beginner Kuromori loaner bike, put together with spare parts and plastic pedals, so Onoda Sakamichi would have a road racer for club activities.

The van is also used to support club activities such as the First-Year Welcome Race and transporting equipment for Training Camp, as well as being the team support vehicle for the Inter High.

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