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Building Sohoku's New Cycling Team

First-Year Welcome Race

Issa makes a request to Teshima to guarantee his and Danchiku's spots as the fifth and sixth member if he and Danchiku gets one-two. Issa won, but since Sugimoto Terufumi beat Danchiku, Issa must ride without Danchiku, which the latter understands and lets Issa ride alone. He also revealed he was at the finish line of the 41st Inter-High, but got depressed for 3 days after the race was over because he couldn't participate as he was still in middle school.

Inter-High Preliminaries: Chiba

Issa becomes the Ace of the team by his own request, but suffered a punctured rear tyre in first lap of the six-lap race, he was forced to wait for replacement tyre, however, the rest of the team stopped to wait with him. The tyre was changed just before the leading pack was able to lap them. But Teshima went on to tell Sohoku to speed up so they can catch them in the ninth lap. When they did, Issa had two pushes, one from Onoda and Naruko, the final one from Imaizumi, as Issa was able to win the race and help Sohoku defending the title, while achieving a 1-2-3-4-5-6 sweep.

Training camp

Kaburagi has been imposed a restriction where he cannot be within 10m of Danchiku, even when riding across each other, dissolving the team riding strategy, as well as having to be in the top 6 on the leaderboard in terms of reaching 1000m. This rule also applies to Teshima and Aoyagi, seeing they have never finished 1000m themselves, and they need to work on their individual skills..

42nd Summer Inter High

Day 1

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Day 2

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