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After seeing you on the podium for the 12th time, I realized something: I'm an "ordinary" person.
— Junta Teshima

Junta Teshima is a former student at Sohoku High School and was a member of the Sohoku High Bicycle Racing Club, serving as its captain during the storyline's second year.


Junta has fairly long, wavy hair, which he sometimes wears back in a ponytail. In the manga, he is depicted with shades of blue and purple in his hair and eyes, and he is initially depicted with much curlier hair. In the anime, Junta's hair is solid black. For the movie, Junta is given more violet-toned hair and blue eyes. He is often shown wearing shirts with star designs on them. In year three, his design also feature English teaspoon, small milk jug and tea cup.


Junta is very smart and uses strategies to win the races. Seemingly nonchalant, condescending, and teasing at first, he acts subtly hostile towards his opponents in order to reach his goals. It's shown that Junta has a complex as an "ordinary" cyclist that cannot reach the top world of "elite" cyclists, which is why he works with Hajime Aoyagi as a "team of two". He is a thoroughly hard worker, but doesn't have much confidence in his own cycling abilities and easily resigns himself to his status (and nearly quits cycling because of it) before entering high school and witnessing an Inter High race. Junta tends to damper his emotions when things go wrong, accepting failure as the fate of someone "ordinary", but he has a fierce, competitive desire to win and can become quite emotionally charged when he refuses to accept that he's unable to achieve anything.

Junta is very humble and supportive of Sohoku's cycling team, even to those who've personally defeated him, and he takes his role on the support team very seriously. He's willing to physically push team members who've fallen behind and ease their mental state from the reality of their situation. Junta believes in his teammates, and encourages others (particularly Terufumi Sugimoto, Shoukichi Naruko and Sakamichi Onoda) to believe in them as well.

After becoming the team's captain, he has become very adept at encouraging and giving tips to the other members, such as telling Shunsuke Imaizumi to spend more time to discover and compliment the other members' effort and talents, and allowing Shoukichi to take indefinite leave so he can consider his future as a sprinter in Osaka.

He also uses his own psychological warfare to psych out opponent and cast doubt over his own teammates, even when the person he is referring to is actually himself. He also likes to state the obvious, but is also good at putting the obvious into practice, which are mostly the fundamentals.

Skills and Techniques

Since Junta isn't a particularly strong cyclist, he relies on his wits as a strategist, able to predict when other cyclists will overcome any handicaps during the races and to mock his opponents in order to affect them mentally and consequently their pacing. He is also shown then to be good at blocking people from passing him, able to hit another's bike to knock them aside without falling himself, and he implies that he usually blocks people so Hajime can break ahead and take the goal.[1]

Both Junta and Hajime have far better-developed leg muscles as they trained hard after being scratched from the 41st Inter High, managing to defeat his juniors during a practice sprint race.

According to Yusuke Makishima, he believes that Junta has what it takes to be a climber, but he has mediocre technique and instinct. Also, he is better suited as a climber because he is weak as an ace sprinter as he has never won a sprint finish in official races.

After being on the support team for the Inter High and participating of many races, Junta develops a knowledge of what needs to be done and to take the best decisions for his team during the races, such as giving Sakamichi a mental push during the Minegayama race by telling him Takuto Ashikiba reminded Makishima due to their similar riding style of swaying the bike violently, stimulating his junior to beat his opponent and win the race.

Known Personal Achievements

Year Race Placement Repesenting Team
2 Years Pre-Series ? 43rd Minami
Year 1 21st Annual Minegayama Hill Climb 3rd Sohoku
Year 2 42nd Inter High Qualifiers - Chiba Prefecture 6th Sohoku


  • Singing in the shower
  • Karaoke (likes J-pop, in episode 2 of season 3, Higashida, from the volleyball team, formerly from middle school cycling team, likes hearing his medley of impressions.)
  • Sports manga
  • His bed after practices. According to Episode 24 and Omake 24 of season 3, he thought about his bed when he had a concentration lapse, and he crashed into his bed after he finished his 1000 km at training camp, and skipping dinner altogether.
  • Japanese Curry
Best subject
  • Math (competed in a prefectural abacus tournament when he was in middle school)
  • The bond between JUnta and Hajime is so strong that he can guess what Hajime is thinking before redicting the conversation[2], leaving Sakamichi puzzled and making Shoukichi think Junta is psychic (telepathic)[3]. In turn, even though Gahune doesn't race in Hill Climb races, he knows exactly when Junta reached his limit.
  • In the preview to the second episode of Season 3,Junta served Afternoon Tea with flair to the 1st years, suggesting both him and Aoyagi worked as waiters part time.[4] In the preview to the 15th episode, Junta worries that his hair can't be as straight as Aoyagi, which doesn't as it is so wavy.