Ishikawa Takuya is a student at Kounan High School and a cyclist from the Kounan High Bicycle Club that serves as a minor character participating in the first Inter High competition of the main story.


41st Inter High

First Stage

Climbers Checkpoint

He took part of the crash that was responsible for the fall of many competitors, including himself. Due to that, he was in 112nd, only one after Onoda Sakamichi that was in the last position. However, he was later passed by his opponent.

Second Stage

Day 2 Goal

He is seem with other rider rushing towards the goal line, aiming to finish it before the limit time of 40 minutes after the first rider had cross the line. However, he didn't succeed on finishing it in time.


  • His name was shown during the Episode 26 from the anime, showing his and Onoda placements after the crash accident from 41st Summer Inter High. He is the first and so far the only character to have a debut and his name first revealed in the anime.
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