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Ishigaki Koutarou is a first-year student at Meisou University and a member from the Meisou University Bicycle Club. During his third-year on high school, he was the captain of the Kyoto Fushimi High Bicycle Club and was supposed to be the team's ace for the 41st Summer Inter High, but due to the race he lost against a new member from the club and that would the new team's ace, he has dedicated himself to assisting the new ace.


Ishigaki keeps his hair slicked back, but a tuft of loose hair remains sticking out, and a few bangs dangle in the center of his forehead. In colored pictures from the manga, his black hair has a purplish sheen to it. His hair is solid black in the anime adaptation.


Ishigaki is kind, respectful, and friendly, as exhibited by his relationships with his teammates and interactions with other characters he hasn't formally met. He values his role as an upperclassman and the support he has to give for his underclassmen. Before Midousuji entered the cycling club, Ishigaki and the other Kyoto Fushimi members referred to each other with affectionate nicknames (for example, he was "Ishiyan" and Mizuta was "Nobu"). Ishigaki is also kind to Onoda during their first meeting when he picks up Onoda's water bottle and tries to help calm him down. Frequently met with indifference from Midousuji, Ishigaki's friendliness seems to render him mostly immune to any rebuff he receives when trying to bond with others.

However, Ishigaki clearly has the drive to obtain victory for his team since he follows Midousuji's plans no matter the order, even if it means leaving exhausted teammates behind and pains him emotionally and physically. Despite the use of underhanded tactics, Ishigaki respects Midousuji's talent and determination to win, as it produces results, and he does his best to support him as an assistant and upperclassman. Even after he has retired, he watched on as Midousuji evolved and found his own "Grasshopper Form" to beat Naruko in Osaka.

Skills and Techniques

Ishigaki is a good cyclist who seems to have a high amount of stamina. He's able to push himself to extremes and endure the strain on his muscles until he's completely exhausted.

Known Personal Achievements

Year Race Placement Repesenting Team
1 Year Pre-Series ? 1st Fushimi


Favourite foods
  • Spring rolls
  • Angling (perseveres even when the bobber moves, and measures the timing)
  • Catching grasshoppers
Best subject
  • Ball sports in general (especially basketball)