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Ihara Tomoya is a former student at Kyoto Fushimi High School and was a member of the Kyoto Fushimi High Bicycle Club. He is a sprinter, and functions as a minor background character who drops out of the 41st Summer Inter High on the second day along with fellow sprinter Yamaguchi. Along with Tsuji Akihisa, He had brief prevalence during a Spare Bike chapter about Kyoto Fushimi, and even had his own 4koma spinoff, titled "Time to shine, Ihara!"


Ihara has mid-length brown hair that reaches his chin and is parted in the middle that exposes his forehead and thin, arched eyebrows. His eyes are rather small compared to the rest of his face.


Ihara previously was happy to welcome anyone into Kyoto Fushimi's cycling club, approaching newcomers with friendliness, but seemed quick to anger. He took offense to any perceived rudeness towards himself, as a third-year. Ihara values respect towards those normally in a socially higher position, as he didn't want Midousuji to order their captain, Ishigaki, around either, and became extremely angry about it. Although he disliked Midousuji's direction of the club, referring to Ishigaki as Ishiyan against orders when their new ace wasn't listening, he later followed orders at the Inter High and remained in the background, showing little emotion.

In Ishigaki's Spare Bike, Ihara is shown to have a jovial, friendly demeanor, and he's quick to become close to Tsuji and Ishigaki. Notably, it's shown that he was the one to give Ishigaki the nickname of Ishiyan.


  • While on anime he was shown riding an Anchor bicycle race, the author said that Ihara's bike was a Panasonic one.
  • During the anime's second season his seiyuu, Yukitoshi Kikuchi, also worked as the seiyuu for Ise Shinya.