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The Hiroshima Kureminami Tech Bicycle Club is situated in Kure, Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan and represents Hiroshima Kureminami Technical School. They serve as the main antagonist for the initial half of the 41st Summer Inter High's third day, using the #30 bibs. Their Inter High team has three sprinters; the cyclist types of the remaining members are unknown. They hosted the 40th Summer Inter High and managed to place in third by sheer luck despite Hakone Academy decimating much of the competition.

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They participated in the 42nd Summer Inter High using the #160 bibs. However, since rumors were spread around by opposing teams, they never got to ride at their full capability. Only during the third day they had a chance to show their trully potential.

Team Members

     Students     Captain     Vice Captain     Manager     Graduated

Current Inter High Team
Other Members
Former Members

Historical Footage

Known Representatives

Year Captain Vice-Captain Manager Coach
39th Summer Inter High???Hashirada
41st Summer Inter HighMachimiya Eikichi???
42nd Summer Inter HighUrakubo Yuusaku???


According to the movie, they will ride across each other to account for cross winds.

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