Higashimura Sondai is a second-year student of Hiroshima Kureminami Technical School and a sprinter of the Hiroshima Kureminami Tech Bicycle Club.


Higashimura has short blue hair parted in the middle, and wears glasses that frequently hide his eyes when reflecting light. When seen, his eyes are brown.


He is rather quiet, but speaks more often than the other minor Hiroshima members. Higashimura seems to believe that whatever Machimiya says or does is correct, no matter how vulgar, and gets nervous when he thinks he's failed Machimiya's expectations, such as forgetting his wallet and becoming unlucky due to small mistakes that he's been warned about.[1]


  • His catchphrase seems to be "Checkmate!" This very specific phrase is repeatedly shown in the panels used during Pedal Sign Trivia nights.


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