Higashido is first seen congratulating Teshima on becoming the new captain of Sohoku's cycling club. He invites Teshima out to karaoke, but Teshima wants to focus on training for the upcoming Inter High.

Higashido also attends the second Inter High in order to cheer for Teshima. He is present when Ashikiba comes to declare his intent to race Teshima as an opponent. The three of them were in the cycling club together in middle school, but Ashikiba did not remember Higashido's name.

He also came to the second Inter High to bring extra Pocari Sweat and spare change of clothes for Teshima after his volleyball team lost in their Inter-High Qualifiers, signalling the end of his high school volleyball career. Higashido still considers Teshima as a star of the middle school team, and especially now that he is the captain of the Sohoku.

Ashikiba found Teshima and Higashido and has a short catch-up, but Higashido cannot believe how big Ashikiba has become, and how he forgot about him. But Ashikiba mistaken him as Machida, the teammate that fixed his bike, but hardly went to practice.

That said, he witnessed that Ashikiba has pledged to allegiance wholeheartedly to Hakone when he refuses to take a picture with Teshima, nor does he accept a can of Pocari Sweat that Teshima offers.

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