Hakone Academy Private High School (箱根学園), known simply as Hakone Academy and shortened from Hakone Gakuen to Hakogaku, is a school in the Ashigarashimo district of Kanagawa Prefecture and famous for it's renowned cycling club, the main rival of the Sohoku High Bicycle Club. It's known that it does not have a baseball club.

An entrance view of the school.

The school features on-campus housing for students consisting of single-room dorms and hot spring baths. The school grounds are possibly located away from where the dorms are, as Arakita is seen riding some distance to the club when he stays at the school dorms. Their school uniforms are shown to be a blue and white blouse for female students with a black skirt, and a dark green bow tied at their neck in the front; for male students, the uniform is a white dress shirt with black pants. The male students are also seen wearing a blue jacket with darker blue stripes and a red tie.

Hakone Academy's cycling club building is located on the school grounds, behind the class buildings.


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