Fukuki Kana is a first-year student on Yonan University and Machimiya Eikichi's girlfriend. Machimiya broke up with her to focus on the 41st Summer Inter High after his traumatic defeat on 40th Summer Inter High's second day, but in the end of their third year they started to date again.

In the anime, she was seen at the previous Inter High in Hiroshima to witness Machimiya race with high hopes and pressure as a member of the hometown team. Unfortunately, she also witnesses him lose the second day after he runs out of water from broken water bottles, which spurs his grudge against Hakone Academy and seals his decision to end his relationship with Kana.

In an episode ending omake, Kana is shown crying as Machimiya breaks up with her. Ibitani, who is watching this unfold, beings weeping as well, albeit comically.[1]


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