The High Cadence Drama CDs (弱虫ペダル 高回転〈ハイケイデンス〉 ドラマCD) were released as a bonus in DVD/Blu-ray volumes from season one, starting with Yowamushi Pedal 03 Chapter 1: Start Line, the third volume.


Onoda thinks Imaizumi and Naruko should be friendlier with each other and tries to make them closer.
Sohoku first-years on their fifth day of training camp have a ghost scare.
Makishima and Tadokoro secretly take Kinjou to the beach to get him to relax.
Makishima takes Sohoku’s first-years to celebrate Tanabata, meanwhile he keeps getting mysterious phone calls from someone.
Makishima accidentally finds himself at Toudou’s inn after a long bike ride during his vacation.
Izumida is in charge of Hakogaku bike club’s cultural festival exhibit, while Arakita and Manami go through the festival.
Fukutomi has never been to the arcades before, so Arakita and Shinkai decide to teach him how to play games.
Sohoku’s third-years take a day to clean the clubroom and discover old memories.
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