Summary: Toudou calls Makishima for the fifth time that day and directs him to open the package he sent.

Toudou and Makishima’s Hotline Part 3

TOUDOU: Toudou and Makishima’s Hotline, Part Three

[MAKISHIMA’s phone rings]

MAKISHIMA: Huh? It’s Toudou again? This is the fifth time this week… [pauses] Actually, now that I look closer, I see I missed another four calls in only the course of today… [sighs and picks up]
TOUDOU: Hey, Maki-chan! Are you well?
MAKISHIMA: Not as much as you, but yeah, I’m well.
TOUDOU: By the way, did you receive the gravure photobook that I sent you? It was sent through express service because I thought you’d want it.
MAKISHIMA: Yeah, I got it first thing this morning.
TOUDOU: Well, how was it?! See something you like?!
MAKISHIMA: I haven’t even opened it yet.
TOUDOU: That won’t do! That won’t do at all, Maki-chan! Take a look right now! Pay special attention to pages ten and eleven!
MAKISHIMA: Huh? …He’s pretty insistent. [flips through the book] What’s this? There’s a letter in here. [opens it] It has a map drawn on it.
TOUDOU: I drew up the course that you and I will be competing in! What do you think Maki-chan?! It excites you, doesn’t it?! Also, that’s not all. Between pages fourteen and fifteen is the map for course #2. Between pages eighteen and nineteen is the map to the place where we’ll eat after our race is over. And between pages twenty two and twenty three is–

[MAKISHIMA hangs up]

MAKISHIMA: [sighs] I should have sent the photobook back without opening it.

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