Summary: Toudou checks up on Makishima again a day after his previous call.

Toudou and Makishima’s Hotline Part 2

TOUDOU: Toudou and Makishima’s Hotline, Part Two

[MAKISHIMA comes out of the bath]

MAKISHIMA: Ah, that feels better.

[MAKISHIMA’s phone rings]

MAKISHIMA: Huh? …It’s him again. [pauses] No other choice. [picks up] Hello?
TOUDOU: Maki-chan, are you well? You don’t have a cold or anything, do you?
MAKISHIMA: Someone who was in good health yesterday won’t suddenly catch a cold today.
TOUDOU: You don’t know that! You need to be particularly careful after you’ve come out of the bath! You have to dry yourself off immediately all over once you’ve done bathing, including your hair. If you don’t do it because you think it’s a pain and go to sleep like that, your body will get chilly and you’ll get sick instantly. My home is a hot springs inn, so I’m knowledgeable about this! Therefore, Maki-chan, be sure to be careful!
MAKISHIMA: Actually I’ve just come out of the bath when you called, and I could feel my body getting chillier by the minute as I listened to you talk.
TOUDOU: I see! Then I’ll now teach you stretches that will warm you up from the core! Drinking ginger tea helps, too!

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