Summary: Midterm exams are soon, so Toudou calls Makishima to check up on him.

Toudou and Makishima’s Hotline Part 1

TOUDOU: Toudou and Makishima’s Hotline, Part One

[TOUDOU’s phone rings]

TOUDOU: …Why. Why aren’t you picking up, Maki-chan?!
MAKISHIMA: [picks up] Hello.
TOUDOU: Hey, Maki-chan! Are you well?
TOUDOU: It’s almost time for midterm exams!
TOUDOU: How is your studying going? Good, I hope?
MAKISHIMA: I’m getting by.
TOUDOU: Not only do I have the ability to climb, hold up smooth conversations, and be a beauty, but I’m pretty good at studying! Maki-chan, if there’s a subject that you’re not good at, just tell me. I’ll tutor you!
MAKISHIMA: And why would you do that?
TOUDOU: If you end up taking extra lessons because you didn’t pass exams, that will take away your practice time! I want to compete against Maki-chan in your best condition!
MAKISHIMA: I’ll study on my own, so it’s okay.
TOUDOU: I’m best at Japanese history, so you can count on me for that. Listen, Maki-chan! The way to excelling at Japanese history actually isn’t through memorization! You need to analyze the human relationships that appear complex at first glance and reason what that person at that time was attempting to do. Once you’ve got that, the history just pops right up into your head! Wahahaha!

[MAKISHIMA hangs up]

TOUDOU: …Huh? Hey, Maki-chan? Maki-chan?!

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