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Izumida Touichirou

Last year, Izumida invited Doubashi to ride together when he noticed Doubashi's troubles with holding back his violent ways. He encouraged Doubashi to channel his inner strength, and concentrate on releasing it in the race. Izumida tells Kuroda that Doubashi has an even greater transformation than he does when he sends Doubashi out to take the sprinter checkpoint.

Kaburagi Issa

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Second Year Events

Kaburagi and Doubashi's first meeting was disastrous. Kaburagi was experiencing stress-related stomach pains before his debut Inter High (perhaps Danchiku's problem rubbed off on him), so he searched for a toilet. Unfortunately for him, there were no open toilets. He desperately pounded on the door to an occupied stall, greatly annoying the person inside, who happened to be Doubashi. When Doubashi exited the toilet, he confronted Kaburagi. However, Kaburagi was so uncomfortable at this point that he yelled at Doubashi to let him "take a shit first." After relieving himself, his argument with Doubashi continues. Doubashi plants a seed of doubt in Kaburagi's mind by insulting team Sohoku, saying that perhaps they are not as strong as Kaburagi thinks.

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