Danchiku Ryuuhou is a new first-year at Sohoku High School who joins the Sohoku High Bicycle Club along with his friend Kaburagi.


Danchiku's most noticeable feature is his hair due to the front being dyed bright blue. It seems he had his hair highlighted shortly before beginning high school, as flashbacks show him to have a full head of black hair. Beyond that, he has thick eyebrows and a tendency for calm expressions. While his height is currently unstated, he is not drawn as being noticeably taller or shorter than the average height members of the team.

He typically wears his green and blue Speed Shot jersey while cycling, but he also is shown sporting a bamboo t-shirt, likely in relation to the kanji of his name.


Though he has a generally serious attitude, Danchiku has a habit of getting nervous before big events. He also seems to be incredibly patient, as he has been putting up with Kaburagi's somewhat bratty behavior since they were kids.

Skills and Techniques

Kaburagi has a relationship with Danchiku similar to Aoyagi's relationship with Teshima, and they utilize a "Team of Two" technique in the first-year race.


-The kanji for his last name means bamboo pieces.

-He has two younger siblings, a stark contrast to Kaburagi, who is the youngest in the family, which Danchiku believes would explain their differences in personality.