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I will only turn the other cheek thrice!
— Daitsubu Takeshi

Daitsubu Takeshi is a cyclist from Nara Sanri Academy Bicycle Club who claims to be "Nara's fastest sprinter."


41st Inter High

First Stage

Sprinters Checkpoint

He is seem along with Shibata Yasuyuki and many other unknown sprinters from other schools trying to win the Sprinter checkpoint. However, after being passed Naruko, Tadokoro and Izumida, he returned to the pack along with many other sprinters.

Day 1 Goal

All is known from Daitsubu during the first stage is that he finished 79th on the first goal line of the race.

Second Stage

He managed to pass the sick Tadokoro during the beginning of second day, but was later passed by him and Onoda that went to help his teammate.

Third Stage

Daitsubu, along with many other racers, was part of the pack led by Machimiya with the objective of reach the race's frontline.

Post Inter High

Daitsubu went to Osaka and challenged Naruko Shoukichi on his home track using his track bike. He had the advantage during a while, but was later passed by his opponent and consequently lost the race.


  • While he was shown riding a Ridley bicycle during 41st Inter High and Kumamoto Race, during his challenge against Naruko on Osaka he was shown with a Look one. There's a possibility that he could have changed his bike on the same way as Onoda did during the story or his Ridley belonged to his club and he had to use his own after graduating.