RubensTUI RubensTUI 6 June 2019

Adopt the wikia!

Hello! Its been almost a year that i've been editing this wikia and i noticed the admins didnt show up during this year. I've tried to contact them but I failed to do it, as i've barely could find a contact source and get a reply. So my final decision after this whole time was to adopt this wikia, so i can have more freedom to do the edits and control it, avoiding griffers and bad stuffs that may come for this wikia.

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Fixmycode Fixmycode 7 May 2014

Categories, like a file system

I took the liberty to organize the categories of the wiki. I used the navigation pages in the homepage as a reference to what it is supposed to go in Category:Content and then I took a top-down approach at categorization, e.g. if Category:Characters is a top level category, then Male Characters must be a sub-category, and so on. I had to create some pages over the categories to add the subcategories but I linked the main articles in each. I also marked some redundant categories (like Category:Manga) for possible deletion.

The Category:Cyclist_types sub-categories could benefit of having all the content in the main article and making the main articles redundant.


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Fixmycode Fixmycode 6 May 2014

The Years Separation

It has come to my attention that there's a little problem with the time in this wiki. I was reading the page on Kishigami Komari and it says at the top Kishigami Komari is a new first year student at Kyoto Fushimi High School, but that poses a problem, he's a new first year student, but... what year? My solution is to give some kind of label to each year like this:

  • Year 0: Everything that happened before Onoda joined Souhoku. Kanzaki is Souhoku's captain.
  • Year 1: Onoda Joins Sohouku, goes to the Inter-High
  • Year 2: Onoda's a second year student, Kinjou and the third years are gone.
  • Year 3: ????

So everything goes around Onoda? yeah, it's like the stardate system, the reference point being the moment Onoda entered high school. He's kind of the Jesus …

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Fixmycode Fixmycode 3 May 2014

Moving the teams' pages a little

I started adding each team kit design to their respective pages and I said to myself: Why stop there? So I took the Souhoku High Bicycle Club page and added some sections that I think are relevant to explain the "why and how" of each team, but I'm stuck: Yowamushi Pedal is a story and as every story it develops over time, so teams are also subject to changes and I can't find a proper way to organize those changes.

I proposed the "Old Team/Current Team" lists but it doesn't convince me it's the right way, because we know things are going to change (are changing? *spoiler*) eventually. There must be a way to make it more maintainable and sustainable over time.

Please comment!

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