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Teshima Junta

Ashikiba and Teshima as middle school students

Ashikiba and Teshima were good friends in middle school. He calls Teshima "Jun-chan" and Teshima calls him "Shikiba." Back when they were on the same team, they promised to make it to the top together. However, now that Ashikiba and Teshima are members of different teams, Ashikiba has declared that he will treat Teshima as an enemy. Higashida, from the Souhoku volleyball team, was also their teammates. Higashida and Teshima are now classmates.

Kuroda Yukinari

Ashikiba's teammate Kuroda appears to enjoy taking advantage of his airheaded nature, acting as tsukkomi to Ashikiba's boke. Izumida refers to the two of them as a manzai act at one point.

Fukutomi Juichi and Shinkai Hayato

Fukutomi is the person who convinced Ashikiba to reconsider becoming the team manager of the team the year before just because he is tall and help him develop Metronome Dancing technique. In other words, he has a similar role that Kanzaki Tooji has for Makishima to continue with his Spider Dancing technique. Meanwhile, Shinkai Hayato tries to incorporate classical music and piano into Ashikiba's training technique. They both helped him win the First Year Race B.

Fukutomi also has put great expectation of him over time. He put Ashikiba on 'house arrest' since after the Ashigarayama Hill Climb Race because he rode backwards towards the starting line after realizing he had no chance of winning. In order to prime him as the future Ace , Fukutomi also told him that he must beat Sohoku in the next race after Minegayama Hill Climb as he already lost to Onoda once.

In the Farewell Race for the Third Years, Ashikiba managed to beat Fukutomi to win the race.

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