Ashikiba Takuto is a third-year student at Hakone Academy and a member of the Hakone Academy Bicycle Club. He is introduced after the first Inter High. Ashikiba becomes the ace of Hakone after winning Hakone Academy's Inter High member selection race for the 42nd Summer Inter High, and has developed into an all-rounder.


His hair is orange with pale blue/gray highlights and his eyes appear to be purple. He has a distinctive swirl in his bangs and a heart-shaped birthmark on his cheek. However, Ashikiba's most striking feature may be his height: he is 202 cm (about 6 feet and 7½ inches) tall.


Ashikiba is gentle and emotional, but a bit of an airhead, as exemplified when he mistakes Imaizumi for various other members of team Sohoku and is easily deceived by his teammate Kuroda. He is eager to impress his upperclassmen. While racing against Teshima in the Minegayama Hill Climb, he becomes emotional and joyous to the point of tears. When he lost to Onoda, however, he was so dejected that he missed his train stop by 3 stations, which could had been more had an elderly woman didn't enter the train, and Ashikiba didn't offer to give up his seat.

Despite being an airhead, he is optimistic, steadfast and mentally strong, especially when he fought through the racing ban, and used his story to help Izumida change his mind about not being the first sprinter to ever be the captain of Hakogaku. He is also very stern and direct to Shinkai Yuto, who alienated the seniors because he hates the way they treated him as Hayato's brother, rather than his own person.

Skills and Techniques

Ashikiba listens to classical music, such as Beethoven, in his head as he rides. As a result, his technique of rocking from side to side is referred to as "Metronome Dancing." Which reminds Onoda of Makishima

His bike's frame is so big that it makes his tires look really small.

Since he is so tall, the length of the joints of his leg to his knee are incredibly long. Every time he turns the crank, it sounds like he's cutting through wind. Also due to his long limbs and Metronome Dancing, he has great stamina, even coming from the back of the pack, riding on the edge of the road and scratching the cliff face twice. Despite starting off as a climber, his length and reach is extremely crucial at the final lunge in a sprint finish, in which he is able to beat the much smaller Naruko and Midousuji to claim Day 1 line honour at the 42nd Inter High.

He learnt to swing the bike because after his 10cm growth spurt since middle school, his center of gravity is too high to be an effective rider, especially in the flats.

In year three, he became an all-rounder. His teamwork with Kuroda improved to such a point that he can become a great decoy. Using his height to attract attention make opponents think he is pulling ahead as an Ace, Kuroda can slip to the other side of the opponents to get back on track. This only works if the opponents are on the center of the road, however.

He can also copy Shinkai Yuto's move of forcing opponents to the gutter or the side of the road. Ironically, Ashikiba did it in retaliation to Yuto near the end of the second stage of Inter High.