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Akira's Mother was the mother of Midousuji Akira. She encouraged her son to pursue cycling, telling him that it made her happy. She was hospitalized for an unknown illness and unfortunately passed away when her son was still a child, although Midousuji visited her every day up until that point.

During his last visit, the nurse suddenly rushed his mother off to the ward when she checked her temperature, as his mother had a high temperature and suddenly developed breathing problems. Midousuji tried to invite her to his next race, but her health was failing and she hugged him, encouraging him to continue being a great cyclist. She later passed away at the operating table after disappearing from his sight. Afterwards, Midousuji raced at the 15th Fushimi Road Race, in which he won the Elementary School Division. Her words stuck with Midousuji long after she passed away, although the pain of losing her twisted them into a mantra for his vicious personality.


In the anime, she had short, light brown hair and purple eyes.


She was very kind to her son, smiling every time he visited, and even up until he last saw her, showing she was rather brave and calm in the face of death.


Akira's Mother was born and died in mid September, as shown when Midousuji visited her grave rather than participating in Kumamoto Fire Country Mountain Range Race.

When she made her return in the 4th season, it was suggested she died from lung cancer.